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Boost your natural smile with teeth that feel as good as they look.

Even with regular brushing, teeth can darken over time. Coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and colored food can leave visible and persistent stains on your teeth.

Our polishing technology is fast, safe and convenient and takes your oral health and your smile to another level. Contact your dentist in Arlington for a regular teeth cleaning! If you are located outside of Arlington, in Crystal City or D.C. please give us a call. We are only a short distance away.

Teeth Cleaning In Arlington

The ADA recommends getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months to prevent oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. To keep your teeth healthy, white, and your breath smelling fresh, a teeth cleaning will keep you in good shape. 

Types of Dental Cleanings

Prophylaxis – Prophylaxis is the most common dental cleaning that is performed on patients. The term “prophylaxis” means to prevent disease and that’s the purpose of this type of cleaning. It’s a preventative tool to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 

This is done by scaling away plaque and tartar buildup above the gum line. This is scraped away from the sides of the teeth and between the teeth. These cleanings are performed routinely twice a year on healthy teeth. These cleanings also remove surface stains to reveal a whiter smile.

Deep Cleaning – When patients have developed gum disease or are at high risk for developing it, something a little more invasive is performed. A deep cleaning involves scaling and root planing. 

Unlike scaling in a routine cleaning, however, this is done to remove plaque and tartar deposits below the gum line, where gum pockets have deepened, trapping food particles and bacteria. 

Then, root planing is performed which is smoothing the roots of the tooth so that we can reattach receded gums. A deep cleaning can prevent and treat gum disease but it’s also recommended as a form of periodontal maintenance in people who have a history of advanced gum disease.

Gross Debridement – A gross debridement is the heaviest-duty dental cleaning performed on patients who have difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene or who have not been to the dentist for a cleaning in a long time. 

It is the removal of plaque and tartar buildup that is blocking the dentist’s ability to perform an oral exam and prophylaxis cleaning because the buildup is obscuring the gums and teeth due to gum inflammation. An electric dental tool loosens the tartar so that the dentist can move on with the traditional prophylaxis cleaning and perform an exam.

Importance of Teeth Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are incredibly important because they remove plaque and tartar buildup that causes tooth decay and gum disease. These are serious oral health problems that can lead to infections, tooth loss, and even significant health conditions. 

Gum disease increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. These conditions can reduce your life expectancy. Without teeth cleanings, patients can develop foul-smelling breath, discoloration, and gum recession that leads to tooth sensitivity. 

If plaque isn’t removed, it can cause tooth decay and if this reaches the dental pulp, will cause a tooth infection. This can be incredibly painful and cause you to lose a tooth which will lead to bone loss that changes your facial structure and makes it difficult to eat and speak. 

Teeth cleanings are minimally-invasive and affordable treatments that prevent the need for invasive and costly restorative treatment or extraction later on.

What Is Teeth Polishing?

This is something that is performed during a dental cleaning after we scale away plaque and tartar from between your teeth and around the gum line. It’s essentially an intense form of brushing your teeth with special dental tools and dental-grade toothpaste. 

A high-powered electric toothbrush buffs your teeth to remove bacteria and surface stains with gritty toothpaste. Afterward, we will floss between your teeth to remove residual food particles, bacteria, and toothpaste.

How it Works?

Dr. Rima Kanbaraga at Dentazure directs a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder towards the tooth surface. The light abrasive action removes surface stains and leaves the front and back of teeth feeling smooth and clean.

This can be used on implants, bridges, veneers and crowns.

This treatment normally only causes a tingling sensation, although some patients with sensitive teeth may experience slight discomfort.

You can expect great results with immediately lighter teeth and a brighter, natural smile.

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