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White fillings are a more natural-looking alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, for a confidence-boosting smile.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are high-tech, tooth colored composite resin used to fill cavities and reinforce teeth with a natural look.

For cavity repairs or to replace existing fillings, white fillings are a strong, effective and long-lasting treatment to restore your natural smile.

What is the treatment for white fillings?

Your dentist will first treat the cavity which is commonly caused by tooth decay. Damaged and decayed tooth material will be removed and then the surface will be prepared to receive the bonding resin.

The dentist will select the appropriate shade of composite resin for your teeth.

When the resin has hardened under a special light, your dentist will shape and polish the surface of the resin to match your existing teeth.

White fillings are virtually invisible and preserve a radiant, natural-looking smile. Ask your dentist about the suitability of white fillings during your initial consultation appointment.

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