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Best Dentist Dr. Rima Kanbaragha in Arlington, VA Provides Preventative Dentistry

Dentazure Provides World Class Preventative Dentistry in Arlington, VA

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The old saying is true – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist, regular check-ups can prevent cavities and more serious problems down the road. Dentazure encourages regular oral check-ups, professional cleaning, and dental check-ups as part of their preventative dentistry in Arlington, VA.

Dentazure Dentist, Dr. Rima Kanbaragha also recommends a regular dental hygiene routine that supports strong, healthy gums and teeth. Such a routine ensures patients maintain a confident and healthy smile.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Visiting the dentist regularly is a key aspect of preventative dentistry. Most people wait until they develop dental problems or teeth cavities before they take action. However, everyone should visit a dental clinic at least twice a year or once every six months.

Regular visits allow the dentist to find problems at an early stage or prevent them altogether. At a check-up, the dentist will inspect the patient’s mouth, gums, and teeth for cavities, gum infection, decay, or other complications, so they can address these issues before they cause pain or require expensive treatment.

Hygiene Cleaning Keeps Bacteria Away

While getting regular check-ups from a dentist is an effective form of preventative dentistry, patients should combine it with occasional hygiene cleaning. Hygiene cleaning is an effective way of keeping the gums healthy and removes stubborn stains from teeth.

Dentists recommend regular hygiene cleaning because it helps to remove and prevent the bacteria from building up. Other than bacteria in the gumline, hygiene cleaning removes plaque and tartar from teeth, including minor stains.

Home Dental Care and Hygiene

The number one key to preventive dentistry is home dental care and hygiene. Establishing a proper mouth care routine will keep dental problems and complications away.

The Dentist at Dentazure recommends brushing teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, then rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. The mouthwash helps remove bacterial build-up.

Diet also plays a crucial role in oral health. A healthy, balanced diet ensures teeth remain strong and healthy. Tobacco and alcohol are the leading agents of teeth discoloration, so limiting your intake of tobacco and alcohol will go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy and clean.

About Dentazure

Dr. Rima Kanbaragha is a highly trained lead Dentist at Dentazure with many years of experience. She earned her degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Jordan. Speaking both English and Arabic fluently, she caters to patients of different cultural backgrounds with ease.

Dentazure’s friendly and professional staff assist Dr. Kanbaragha to ensure that patients get unparalleled treatment and world-class service.

At Dentazure, the goal is to build lasting relationships with clients that lead to lifelong dental care and maintenance. The clinic promotes preventative dentistry that saves clients from expensive surgery and pain. Book an appointment for preventive dentistry in Arlington, VA with the team at Dentazure and begin a lasting relationship with a highly proficient dental team.

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